Big Chefs

Founded in 2007 in Ankara and later headquartered in Istanbul, Big Chefs is the leading and fastest growing all-day casual dining restaurant chain in Turkey.

Big Chefs distinguishes itself by offering a special blend of Turkish, Mediterranean and international menu and and serving high-quality and freshly prepared dishes at reasonable prices in a nice and warm atmosphere.

Big Chefs has a loyal and growing customer base and serves millions of guests annually through its wide spread restaurant network currently covering Turkey and the Gulf region.

Looking forward, Big Chefs plans to fortify its current Turkish and Gulf network and simultaneously expand into Europe and Far East.



Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Ankara, Netcad is the leading software development company specializing in geographical information systems (GIS) and computer aided design (CAD).

Netcad provides engineering solutions to municipalities for their urban planning, land development and cadaster needs; to public institutions ranging from highways to utilities distribution, from forestry to agriculture and to private companies engaging in construction and infrastructure industries as well as in geology, mining, banking, telecom and insurance.

Netcad solutions became so popular and widely used in the industry that it became a compulsory course and being taught at almost all related fields of vocational schools and engineering faculties across Turkey.

Looking forward, Netcad plans to strengthen its local presence and expand overseas by establishing various M&A, JV and dealer relations.


Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Istanbul, Suwen is a high quality and affordable lingerie retailer in Turkey, which designs, manufactures and markets its own branded products.

Suwen’s product portfolio comprises underwear, lingerie, beachwear, homewear, hosiery, socks and pajamas. They are available mostly throughout the fast growing self-branded retail store network as well as at self-branded corners within the leading Turkish department stores.

Looking forward, Suwen aspires to reach women’s top choice of brand status in underwear and lingerie, expand its Turkish retail network and become a truly global brand by opening up self-branded stores across EMEA and Asia.



Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Istanbul, Alke is a leading veterinary pharmaceuticals manufacturer that sells its products under its own brand names.

Alke’s product portfolio comprises of hormones, antibiotics, antiparasitics and anti-inflammatories specifically developed for ruminants. Alke manufactures its products with strict adherence to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) quality standards at its state-of-the art facility located in Tokat, Turkey. The Company is one of the few manufacturers that succeeded in obtaining GMP Compliance Certificates from Australia, New Zealand, Russia and Saudi Arabia which helped Alke to become the leader of Turkey’s veterinary pharmaceutical exporters.

Looking forward, Alke aims to increase its R&D efforts to expand its product portfolio and further boost its brands’ recognition both in local and international markets. Alke also aims to become fully-trusted GMP compliant contract manufacturer for leading international brands.


Cyberwise was formed by the merger of Biznet and Securrent, two of Turkey’s leading cyber security firms. The platform provides a wide range of services including systems integration and services, consultancy and MSSP to a large number of corporate clients. Cyberwise is the foremost cyber security player in Turkey with teams of experts in Istanbul and Ankara, and also has international presence in UAE and the Netherlands. 

Biznet offers security analysis and penetration test services to clients that want to review the robustness of their IT infrastructures and assess their level of preparedness against current threats through attack simulations. The Company also provides “scalable”, flexible and easily adaptable services through its Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC) to several public and private sector institutions.

Securrent is Turkey’s leading solution partner for several global network security, identity and access management and data security vendors and provides sales, support and maintenance services.

Looking forward, Cyberwise aims to increase its offerings in Turkey and also expand its presence in international markets.



Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Adana, Doğanay is the leading manufacturer of non-carbonated, traditional beverages, such as şalgam (pronounced “shal-gam”) and lemonade, as well as a range of vinegars and sauces.

Doğanay pioneered the industrialization of şalgam, a traditional drink mostly consumed in Cukurova region in southern Turkey, up until a decade ago and turned it into a popular drink appreciated in other regions of the country as well. In addition to şalgam, the Company also manufactures a variety of vinegars, including apple cider, grape and balsamic, as well as sauces, such as lemon and hot pepper in addition to traditional lemonade. Doğanay is an appreciated traditional drink brand among Turkish consumers, with high level of brand awareness and equity.

Looking forward, Doganay aims to grow fast by expanding its product portfolio with the addition of new traditional tastes, and, at the same time, by introducing its products to global markets.


Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Gebze, Moltek is the leading Turkish radiopharmaceutical producer and radio pharmacy operator. Moltek is engaged in the production, sales and distribution of radiopharmaceuticals (radiation emitting drugs), which are mainly used in diagnosis and increasingly in the treatment of cancer.

Moltek produces F-18 (FDG) agents, which are used in PET imaging, in its GMP certified Gebze facility. Moreover, Moltek operates radio pharmacies within the hospitals that provide Gallium-68 and Lutetium-177, which are ground-breaking agents for the diagnosis and treatment of neuroendocrine tumours (NETs) and prostate cancer and are significantly increasing the success of the cancer therapy. Moltek provides services over 100k patients each year in state, university, and private hospitals.

Moltek, with its c. 150 qualified personnel, will continue to expand its product offering and put the latest products in Nuclear Medicine at Turkish doctors and patients’ disposal. Looking forward, Moltek will become one of the leading institutions in Nuclear Medicine not only in Turkey but also in the world, with the additional R&D and production investments, as well as continued cooperation with local and multinational institutions.



Established in 1959, a self-adhesive label manufacturer since 1972, İzmir-based Yılpar decided to focus on flexible packaging as of 2005 and has become one of the leading plastic and aluminum based flexible packaging manufacturers in Turkey. Yılpar Ambalaj is engaged in the production of rotogravure and flexographic printed, single-layer and multi-layer flexible packaging products mainly used by food and beverage manufacturers. Additionally, Yılpar continues to manufacture self-adhesive labels.

Under the partnership of Taxim Capital and Yılancıoğlu family, Yılpar will focus on its aim of becoming a significant regional player. Within this scope Yılpar is targeting to expand its product offerings, increase export volumes by diversifying its export markets and strengthen its domestic market position through relocating to a larger, modern manufacturing facility and investing in high-efficiency new generation machinery/equipment to increase its manufacturing capacity and capabilities.